To Everyone who wants to Jump Higher & Start Dunking…

Why do most people FAIL to increase their Vertical Jump with conventional jump programs? Its simple – most programs are way too hard. They are hard to follow, hard to stay dedicated to, and hard to fit into your daily routines (i.e. school, homework, work etc.). So if you’re not a professional athlete and can’t afford to have your entire week revolve around strict workout schedules, special diets and spending hours at the Gym – most jump programs are not for you.


The “Natural Leap” program is different:  its designed with the Average Athlete in mind – That means you’ll be able to perform most of the exercises from Home, easily fit the Program into your busy schedule, and won’t have to spend $100s on additional gym memberships or exercise equipment. Its meant to be Simple, easy to do from Home, and generate Fast Results.

So once you download “Natural Leap” you won’t need any special equipment or Gym memberships – You can start right away. Because unlike other jump programs, the only things you need to Jump Higher here are:

1. The Floor in your Home

2. Your own Body Weight

If you have access to the 2 things above, you’ll have no problems using the “Natural Leap” program to gain 6-10 inches on your vertical jump. And you won’t even have to leave your home to do it!

A Fast & Simple Way to Jump Higher:

This program is about 1 thing, and 1 thing only – making you Jump Higher in the fastest most effective way possible. All you have to do is Download it, look it over and Start doing the Exercises right from Home – if you do this, you will see significant results (3-5 inches) 10 Days from now. No wasting time or energy, just do the exercises and get results – its that simple.

The “Natural Leap” Jump Program is: a series of simple body weight exercises that either involve jumping or mimic the natural movements of jumping. These exercises directly target and strengthen muscles and movements that are responsible for getting your body off the ground (jumping).


The Program takes the basic principles that allow natural athletes to develop their vertical leaps over time, and turns them into a highly effective, accelerated 30-Day exercise program that allows Average Athletes to gain 6-10 inches on their vertical leap in the most simple and realistic way possible.


With the “Natural Leap” program 100% of every exercise focuses on strengthening the exact muscles that are responsible for making you jump higher…This makes the exercises extremely efficient, and the program simple and easy to follow – which translates to maximum results with minimal effort and time wasting: just 2 – 3 Workouts per week, with each workout taking up only 30 minutes.

Is “Natural Leap” Right for You?

If you’re NOT a Professional Athlete whose life revolves around training, and you have a life outside your favourite sport (school, work, friends, family etc.) this program is designed with you, the average athlete in mind. It does NOT require you to structure your life around complicated diets and stringent workout schedules, and will fit nicely into your daily routines:

1. Start Right Now:

Not 1 day, 1 week or 1 month from now – you can actually Start Right Now! You don’t need to learn anything new, prepare yourself physically or buy anything extra to Jump Higher with this program. All you have to do is Download it, look it over and Start the Workouts right from your living-room…its that simple.

2. NO Gym memberships:

All the factors that make other jump programs a hassle are absent from The “Natural Leap” Program. You don’t need access to a gym, free-weights, medicine balls, special shoes, resistance bands etc. Not only are these things a hassle and make it harder to follow a workout program, these things are also a waste of money.

3. Do it from Home:

Your own body weight + the floor in your Home, that’s all you need to gain 6 – 10 inches on your vertical jump. 90% of the exercises in the “Natural Leap” Program can be done in  your living room, the rest may require a higher ceiling (depending on how high you jump) and can be done in your driveway, backyard or the lobby in your apartment building.

4. Simple Exercises:

If you play Basketball, Volleyball or other sports that require you to use Jumping, you’ll have no problems doing these exercises the first time you try them. All the exercises involve jumping or mimic the movements of jumping – So if you know how to jump (you do), you’ll have no problems with “Natural Leap”.

5. Easy to Stick-To:

The number 1 reason most people fail to increase their vertical jump with conventional jump programs is because they are way too hard to follow and stick to. With that in mind, “Natural Leap” was designed to be as simple as humanly possible: 30 minutes per workout, 3 workouts per week.

6. Results in 10 Days:

This program is about 1 thing, and 1 thing only – making you Jump Higher in the fastest most effective way possible. Everything inside is designed to make you jump higher, without wasting time or energy. And when used properly, “Natural Leap” can increase your Vertical Jump by 3-5 inches in the first 10 Days!

So if you have school all week, a part time job on weekends, basketball games 2 times a week and a girlfriend – don’t worry, you’ll have no problems fitting the “Natural Leap” Program into your busy life AND getting the results you want.

Start “Natural Leap” & See Results in 10 Days!

You get instant access to the “Natural Leap” Program – as soon as you make payment with Credit Card or PayPal you’ll be forwarded to a Download Page where you’ll be able to Download the “Natural Leap” Program, exercises Videos and the free bonus to your computer. After the download (it takes under 5 minutes), you’ll be able to start the Exercises and improving your Vertical Jump right from Home! Here’s exactly what you’ll find on the Download Page:

Main Program and Videos:

Guide and Program Schedule (in eBook Format): explains all the exercises, proper technique and strategy in detail with step-by-step instructions and exercise photos. And includes an easy-to-follow 30-Day workout schedule that can fit into your busy daily routine. Its written in formatted in simple, easy to understand English – so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to “get it”.

Exercise Videos: Contains videos for all exercises included inside the “Natural Leap” Program, and includes Slow Motion Replays to help illustrate proper technique. These exercises are designed to be simple to perform, the videos make it even less complicated.

PLUS 2 Free Bonuses:

6 Inches in 5 Minutes: Do you think about technique when trying to jump your highest? If not, chances are you have poor technique / form when you jump – this can significantly decrease the height of your jumps. This short guide will teach you Proper Jumping Technique, approach angles, generating maximum upwards momentum, and the right time to explode in a Vertical Jump.

Bonus Workouts: Inside you will learn how to measure your progress and jump higher day-by-day, as well as a fun Low Rim Workout that will allow you to have fun, pretend you’re in a Dunk Contest and gain inches on your vertical Jump all at the same time!

Get “Natural Leap” for Just $37:

YES! I want to download the “Natural Leap” program and start Jumping Higher! I understand that I’ll be able start right away, do the workouts right from Home, & see my first Results just 10 Days from Now – I’m ready.

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Important: the “Natural Leap” Program is 100% digital, its not an actual book or DVD set. So you wont have to pay or wait for shipping – just make payment, download the program and begin. Fast, simple and efficient.

100% GUARANTEE: the “Natural Leap” Program comes with a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee. That means you can download the program, try it out for 60 full days – and if you don’t see the results promised, or decide that its not for you – just send a refund request by email and you will receive a 100% refund. So if you don’t see results within the first 10 Days or can’t gain the 6-10 inches as promised – you get your Money Back, plain and simple. 

Results: as with any exercise program or workout routine results may vary, and depend on the individual who’s using the “Natural Leap” Program. The 6-10 inch gain estimate is based on the personal experience of David as well as users of the “Natural Leap” Program. If you follow the workout plan, and perform the exercises correctly you are likely to gain the 6-10 inches promised on this website – however, it is not guaranteed and once again depends on many individual factors such as personal effort, dedication, technique, as well as fitness levels among others.

Required Fitness Level: Ideally the “Natural Leap” program is designed for individuals who are active in sports on a semi-regular to regular basis (with average to above average fitness levels). This means if you play sports, workout or engage in recreational physical activity 1 – 2 times per week you will likely poses the fitness level needed to use the “Natural Leap” Program and see results.

Disclaimer: All the information presented in the “Natural Leap” Jump Program is for educational and resource purposes only. It is not a substitute for or an addition to any advice given to you by your Physician pr Health Care Provider. Before making any changes to your lifestyle or exercise habits and before implementing any information from the “Natural Leap” Jump Program you must consult your Physician. Please understand that you are solely responsible for the way information in the “Natural Leap” Jump Program is perceived and utilized and you do so at your own risk. In no way will the “Natural Leap” Jump Program or any persons associated with / “Natural Leap” Jump Program be held responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur due to the use of this website or the advice contained within.