Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does “Natural Leap” Work for Volleyball, Football, Gymnastics and other sports?

A: Yes. The “Natural Leap” Program works for any sport that requires you to use your jumping ability. The overwhelming majority of the people who use this program play Basketball and Volleyball, but there are plenty of other applications: Parkour, Gymnastics, Football, Wrestling, Track & Field – are just some of the other sports this program has been used for.

Q: What if I’m a Girl – Will “Natural Leap” work for me?

A. Yes. While most of the users are male there have been several female users who have seen tremendous results. Furthermore, the female users are gaining a HUGE competitive edge in their sports! Simply because vertical jump training is less common among women who play sports.

Q: How do I know “Natural Leap” will work for me?

A. Consider this: Natural Leap can be performed from home, without weights or special equipment, and is designed to be as simple, efficient and REALISTIC as possible. So its designed to be “easier” and less complicated than other programs – but, you do have to actually follow it – So, if you follow the instruction and perform the workouts it WILL work.

Q: How do I know this is not a SCAM?

A. 1. Unlike most coaches and people selling Vertical Jump programs online, I CAN ACTUALLY JUMP HIGH. 2. I use Paypal and Clickbank as my payment processors and am required by law to honor my promises and guarantee, if I don’t my website will be banned. 3. I have been doing business online for over 7 years – it’s within MY best interest to stay honest and provide you with a quality product (scamming people is BAD for business).

Q: Am I in good enough shape to perform the exercises in the “Natural Leap” Program?

A: Ideally the “Natural Leap” program is designed for individuals who are active in sports on a semi-regular to regular basis (with average to above average fitness levels). This means if you play sports, workout or engage in recreational physical activity 1 – 2 times per week you will likely poses the fitness level needed to use the “Natural Leap” Program and see results.

Q: I paid for the program but I’m having trouble Downloading it and/or viewing it on my computer.

A: Sorry about that, sometimes technical difficulties get in the way. Send and email to NaturalLeap [at] and I’ll be sure to help you ASAP.

Q: Can you really do all the exercises from Home?

A: Yes, most of them. Some exercises you’ll have to go outside or in an indoor area with a high ceiling – depending on how high you jump. For example: I can’t perform maximum heigh jumps inside my living room because the ceiling is only 8′ tall, and if I jump my highest I’ll slam my head into it.

Q: If you can really improve your vertical jump from Home, without a Gym or weight training – then why do most jump experts insist on doing it the hard way?

A: Most experts and coaches can’t actually jump themselves. If you look at their website’s it mostly pictures of them smiling in a weight room, or some old photo from an angle that looks like they jump higher than they actually do. The bottom line is: weight training does work, but its not the only way to jump higher – just like its NOT the only way to get stronger, or get in shape – you can also do that from home with proper bodyweight exercises, and jogging.