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Written Testimonials sent in by Happy Users:

“Hi David,

Thanks a lot for letting me try out the natural leap program! I’m on my third week and have already noticed a significant increase on my vertical…I’ve gained at least 7- 8 inches, maybe more. Your program works, and the fact that I don’t even have to leave my house to do most of the exercises is a huge plus.

Thank you,



“I’m excited! I haven’t even started your program yet and I’ve already gained a few inches on my hops thanks to the bonus you included on jumping technique and proper take off angles, its awesome and I wish I knew about it sooner. I can’t wait to start the actual workouts!”

Michael Langley


“Hey David,

Andrew here, just sending you this email to let you know I’m extremely happy with the Natural Leap program :-) I’ve gained 29cm on my vertical leap in just over a month by following your program and hope to gain another 15cm in the next month.”

Richard Taylor,

Brisbane, Australia


“…This program is SICK!!! I can literally feel myself jumping higher day by day. Its been just over 2 weeks since I started and I think I can officially claim to have hops lol. At first the exercises were a challenge (probably because I had bad cardio) but I could feel my body getting used to them after a few workouts and once I had a chance to play some ball I noticed a huge difference. Before I started I could barely dunk with 1 hand, now I can dunk consistently with 2 hands and do a 360 with 1 hand!”

Omar H.


Hi David. I gained 8 inches in three weeks with your program, without even using the outdoor / gym workouts you provided. I only do the home workouts because I don’t want people knowing my secret ;) I’m 5’5” and can hang on the rim with ease, before I started using natural leap I could not even touch the rim! My teammates are really impressed with my new jumping ability.

Thank you,

Greg Furlong